Services for Auto Owners

Door Dings

It's time to stop worrying about door dings. Bailey’s PDR can get rid of most automotive dents including dings, creases, and minor accidents. We are also able to take dents out of motorcycle tanks. We are highly skilled in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), and we do not sand, use body fillers, or paint.

repaired door ding

On small minor dents, a repair usually takes less than an hour. If you have multiple or bigger dents and/or creases, a repair can take from 1 to 4 hours.

Being locally owned and trusted to show we are dedicated to our customers, we can come to your home or work with our mobile services.

hail stones

Hail Damage

Hail damage can be devastating to automobiles, planes, windows, siding, roof tops, as well as farmers' livestock and crops. Hail causes billions of dollars in damages every year throughout the world. A vehicle’s value is reduced when it receives hail damage. Bailey’s PDR can put that value right back into your vehicle.

PDR is the standard repair for hail damage and is highly recommended by a majority of insurance companies. Instead of using the conventional method, PDR saves time and money when repairing hail damage.

After a hailstorm, PDR companies come to town from all over. They set up tents and work with body shops to repair the hail damage. Some of these companies are really good and do quality work. Others are focused on quantity rather than the quality of repairs. These companies leave when the work is all done, and usually don’t return, even if there is problems with the work performed. Bailey’s PDR is a local company; therefore you can count on us to help you out with any questions or concerns, before AND after we repair your vehicle. We repair hail damage every year and are experts on estimating damages, repairing dented panels, working with insurance companies, and helping customers with any questions they may have.

Below is the standard process of a regular hail repair.

hail damage before and after
Process of a Regular Hail Repair
  1. After the storm, inspect your vehicle for damage. If there isn’t noticeable damage, it is still highly recommended to have your vehicle inspected by a hail expert, for in some instances, hail damage can be difficult to verify. Hail damage can include, but not limited to, dents, broken glass, and damaged moldings.
    various shots of vehicle damage
  2. If hail damage is visible contact your insurance company or agency to report the claim.
  3. Insurance companies will usually advise you to take it to a preferred shop but you have the right to take it anywhere you choose. Shop around and test the waters first. Get to know the companies before you decide on taking your vehicle to a particular one. When getting an estimate from a PDR specialist or a body shop, ask questions to understand how the dents are going to be repaired. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions below.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the company you trust will do a quality and timely repair. You should never feel pressured into having your vehicle repaired at a specific shop.
  5. Relax and let the company you choose, work with your insurance and repair your vehicle. Hopefully after you get your vehicle back, you are satisfied with the repairs. Bailey’s PDR has a written satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get the quality you deserve.


Question: How long will the repair take?
Answer: The time it takes depends on the extent of damage and the type of repair method. Insurance companies of all types will most likely recommend PDR as the repair method since it saves the insurance companies money. PDR repairs can take anywhere from an hour to a couple days. Conventional repairs take longer since they may have to order parts, disassemble panels, prep, and paint.

Question: Will you repair the hail damage by PDR or conventionally?
Answer: PDR is usually always the preferred choice of repair for hail damage. It is cost efficient and saves the customer time. If PDR is done right, there should be no signs of any repairs ever being made to your vehicle and it should be like the hail storm never happened. Just like anything else, there is a difference from PDR technicians, regarding speed, professionalism, and most importantly, quality. If the damage is too excessive for PDR, the conventional way is then recommended for a proper repair.

Question: What happens if there is cracked paint in or around the dent?
Answer: Cracked paint can eventually lead to rust in the future. When there is cracked paint on a hail damaged vehicle, it is recommended to repaint the entire panel after the damage has been repaired using PDR or the conventional method.

Question: Will the shop replace broken glass and moldings?
Answer: Some body shops will replace glass and moldings, other shops will have these services contracted out or will not provide these services at all. Its less of a hassle if the shop does everything right there, so you don’t have to run all around town.